10 Good Reasons for Germany

Europe's Logistics Location

Germany is Europe’s number 1 leader, with world-class infrastructure, extensive highways, and rail and waterway networks, all right in the center of Europe.

Germany ...

  1. ...is Europe's economic center and the world's fourth-largest economy.
  2. ...is the largest logistics market in the European Union.
  3. ...is a trans-European hub, sharing a border with nine neighboring countries.
  4. ...provides access to some 250 million consumers within a catchment area of a 500-km radius.
  5. ...is the gateway to Europe, and the continents most attractive location for goods distribution.
  6. ...offers the most advanced transportation infrastructure worldwide.
  7. ...provides choice between a wide range of capable logistics locations, since here's where worldwide logistics started.
  8. ...is home to fast and flexible logistics services with trade-specific solutions and expertise in all segments of logistics
  9. ....has highly-skilled and flexible employees.
  10. ...is home to many global players.

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