New member HIERL & MÜLLER introduces itself

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With more than 30 years of logistics and courier expertise, HIERL & MÜLLER is much more than a highly qualified provider of express logistics services. The innovative, family-owned company from Lower Bavaria offers clients throughout Germany precise, one-stop-shop logistics solutions for a wide variety of transport and logistics challenges.

The core of its services, certified in accordance with the DIN ISO 9001 quality standard since 2006, are special consignments and direct deliveries, special services, and QOBRA.

The success of HIERL & MÜLLER is based on the pillars of fairness quality, flexibility, independence and sustainability, along with Bavarian down-to-earthness, social commitment and entrepreneurial foresight. The enthusiasm and dedication that give the company its competitive edge are owed to the committed team of experts working with founders Bert Hierl and Jürgen Müller. As a result, HIERL & MÜLLER has long since been a permanent fixture in Europe’s CEP and direct logistics sector.

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