Review: Contact to Ningbo ? Gateway and Hub in China

On November 26, 2018, some 230 guests gathered in Hamburg for an information and partnership event titled ?Ningbo ? Your Gateway and Hub in China.? Held at the Grand Elys?e Hotel, the event was aimed at promoting the advantages of Ningbo as a logistics and investment location and facilitating contacts with Chinese partners.

In his welcoming address, Stefan Schr?der, chief adviser of Logistics Alliance Germany, emphasized China?s importance for German companies and the potential within current projects that are part of the development of the New Silk Road.

The highlight of the event was the ceremonious signing of seven partnership agreements between German and Chinese companies applying to the areas of new energy, biomedicine, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. The amount of total investment exceeds $205 million USD.

Participants in the event included Mr. Wang Renyuan, deputy secretary general of the Ningbo Municipal People's Government, the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, the Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Committee, the Office for Foreign Affairs, representatives of the most important development zones, the Zhoushan Port Group, and commercial enterprises from Ningbo.

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