50 Years of Kombiverkehr

The start of this year marked half a century of history for Kombiverkehr KG. Founded in Frankfurt on February 11, 1969, the company was created as a limited partnership on the initiative of then-Minister of Transport, Georg Leber, with the participation of associations in long-distance haulage, freight forwarding, and furniture transport; Germany's Federal Railways; and 56 providers of road and vehicular haulage. Even then, the aim was to shift long-distance haulage from the road to the rails. Transport got underway shortly afterwards on July 1, 1969, with the loading of the first truck consignment at the terminal in Frankfurt am Main (East). Today, the company maintains a European network of more than 770 direct and shuttle trains per week, enabling forwarders and logistics companies to handle their shipments by rail in an economical, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly way. Kombiverkehr KG offers the densest network with the highest frequency of services in Europe, with transfer options for transport units between individual trains, multiple departures on busy routes and the integration of more than 230 major German and international terminals. The company transports well over 900,000 truck consignments every year and has holdings in 26 companies both in Germany and abroad.

At the end of the 1960s, combined road-rail transport was the logical solution to the challenges of an economy geared to modern bulk freight transport. The company's innovative concept launched a new era of transport in 1969, and pioneering work has distinguished the company since its very beginning. With a multitude of innovations in sales, operations, IT and technology, Kombiverkehr employees carried on this pioneering spirit over the last five decades. By repeatedly raising the bar and creating added value, Kombiverkehr has made intermodal transport a success story in Germany and across Europe.

Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co. KG has evolved together with limited partners, customers and partner companies from pioneer to European market leader, solidly anchoring its position as a neutral provider in the world of intermodal transport.

More information: www.kombiverkehr.de/de/%C3%BCber_kombiverkehr/50_Jahre_Kombiverkehr/

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