German-Lithuanian Cooperation in Customs Clearance thanks to LAG

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It was three years ago that the first partnership meeting took place during an LAG delegation trip to Lithuania. Today, Gomultimodal GmbH, a member of the Association for the Development of Logistics Alliance Germany (Förderverein LAG e.V.), is working together with the Lithuanian customs agency Muita to support the expansion of its market activities in Germany.

The approaching (hard) Brexit may very well lead to additional customs procedures that will have a lasting effect on the flow of goods in both directions between the UK and the EU. As a result, time-consuming and resource-intensive customs clearance could become a part of everyday operations for many industrial and logistics companies. This is where the specialized support of the customs experts at Muita and Gomultimodal comes in. The customs services and convenient conditions offered by the Lithuanian customs agency relieve the burden on small and mid-sized shippers in particular. An AEO-certified company, Muita offers customers 24/7 support in four languages: German, English, Russian and Lithuanian. Their 20 European customs experts process the documentation for transit (T1) and export declarations, which can be covered by a guarantee of up to 2 million. Well-established specialist knowledge and consulting expertise round out the agency's portfolio. Gomultimodal represents Muita on the German market and has been responsible for sales and marketing since the beginning of this year.

Another key focus of the partnership between the two branch experts is the exchange of know-how. Since 2013, Gomultimodal GmbH has made a name for itself by providing expert consulting in rail freight and combined transport. For its part, Muita has been serving satisfied customers in Lithuania, the Netherlands and Germany since 2010 with its expert handling of customs formalities. Both companies are characterized by small, highly specialized teams. Following that first meeting in Klaipeda in 2016, the similarities between the two companies accelerated their cooperation plans. Additional joint projects will be initiated by the middle of this year, a successful and ongoing partnership founded in membership in the Logistics Alliance Germany and its diverse offering of market exploration trips.

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