“Fast Track Logistics – Innovative logistics solutions in the international market”: an LAG forum at transport logistik Munich, June 7

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On June 7, the Logistics Alliance Germany hosted a forum at transport logistic Munich titled “Fast Track Logistics – Innovative logistics solutions in the international market.” At the forum, a variety of innovative logistics solutions were presented which, despite their diversity, had a number of things in common. They all go well beyond the classic triad of transportation, handling and storage, they share a global perspective, and digitalization is an integral part of each of them. The speakers at the event raised interest in an industry in a state of flux, which offers many exciting areas of activity for the next generation of logistics talents.

Though the event was held on the last day of the trade fair, the forum in Hall A4 was well received. The Q&A session at the conclusion of the forum also proved the audience’s significant interest in the presented approaches. Stefan Schröder introduced the topic on behalf of the Association for the Development of Logistics Alliance Germany (Förderverein LAG e.V.). Gunnar Gburek, deputy chairman of the Förderverein LAG e.V. association, welcomed the forum participants and briefly introduced the LAG.

The first talk was given by Erik Wirsing from Schenker AG. Speaking on behalf of his industry sector, Wirsing underscored the hunger for innovation that characterizes and drives the logistics industry. He appealed to the forum’s participants to strenuously pursue innovation in order to retain a competitive edge.

Michael Kuchenbecker presented an innovative case study from the automotive logistics sector on behalf of IQS, a member of the Förderverein LAG e.V. association. He not only introduced the specially designed IQS air freight container with its smart lock, but also explained the management and leadership change necessary to this development. It became clear how innovation can be fostered within a company, and the extent of the LAG’s role as a network during the development.

Helena Sommer from Sommer GmbH & Co. KG introduced Agnes (Agile Navigation Electronic Solution) and Erna (Efficient Road Navigation Assistant), two digital systems for large-capacity and heavy-duty traffic that her company developed in-house. Agnes is a digital map that combines content from various relevant data sources necessary for planning such transports, and simplifies them considerably. Erna offers personalized route assistance for all those involved in transport implementation, including the option of simulating the route in advance.

In his talk, Olaf Krause of Logiline GmbH focused on the spin-off Criss Cross, which was founded to create an app that allows international shipments to be easily dispatched and tracked. Krause also explained which factors are paramount for a mid-sized company in order to develop such solutions.

In the final talk of the event, Alen Solina from Timocom highlighted the Smart APIs systems, explaining the added value that tracking brings to the industry. Flexible time window management, automated status updates and improved freight allocation are some examples of this potential.

The examples illustrated throughout the forum not only made evident that logistics stands for diversity and a passion for innovation. They also showed that the German logistics industry offers tailor-made solutions for the current challenges facing the industry.

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